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Installation and Remedial

When you need to make changes to protect your property
and people, we’re who to call.

Our installation and remedial work

When we undertake our electrical tests, we will often offer recommendations on how you can better protect the building and ensure a higher level of safety at all times.

After building a relationship during the testing process, many customers choose to use Pattco to complete the installation and remedial work that follows negative findings in our tests. The same team who found the problem can then be the same team to install the solution.

We conduct all manner of installations of electrical systems, including fuse boards, wiring, fire alarms, lighting and much more. Anything we can test, we are qualified at replacing and installing.

The benefits of choosing our team

If you receive an unsatisfactory certificate, it may be disheartening. But more importantly – it needs actioning to ensure your insurance remains valid and your building is better protected.

We streamline finding and installing solutions to electrical faults, by delivering the remedial support ourselves. Often, you’ll be working with the exact people who conducted the test in the first place, meaning they’re best placed to assess your needs and fix the problem areas.

It’s a lot quicker to work with the same team, and we remove the risk of any underlying problems that we’ve discovered festering and causing a bigger problem down the line. Preventative support is also an important part of our work, and fulfilling our commitment to keeping more people and businesses safe from harm.

Why Pattco Deliver

When making changes to your electrical systems, there is a danger of creating further risks if it’s not completed properly. Our commitment to quality over our two decades as a business has built us a great reputation as a trusted broker that holds itself to the highest standard at all times.

The Pattco team understand that testing and installation are essential, but not always exciting for businesses. Instead of feeling like a headache, we work hard to minimise disruption to workplaces and properties, without sacrificing the quality of our work.

With experienced professionals working to honest, transparent pricing there are no unexpected surprises – just great, reliable service.

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What installation work do you offer for commercial entities?

Our services cover a wide range of installation work tailored for commercial establishments, including electrical system installations, upgrades, rewiring, and more. To find out how we can help you, give us a call.

Is it mandatory to use your services for installation work?

While we provide expert installation services, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred provider for electrical installations. We believe choosing the installers who found the issue streamlines your path to compliance and greater safety.

What is the cost of installation work for commercial businesses?

Installation costs vary based on project scope and complexity. Contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your commercial needs.

Will your installation work impact business operations?

It is always our priority to minimise disruptions to your business during installation, with our experienced installers providing efficient execution with minimal impact on daily operations.

Which commercial sectors do you provide installation and remedial work for?

We cater to various commercial sectors, offering installation and remedial work tailored to meet the specific requirements of industries such as offices, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and more.

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