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Emergency Lighting Testing

We deliver emergency lighting testing and regular testing for fire
alarm systems, ensuring your team’s safety.

Emergency lighting testing explained

When a problem occurs and it goes dark, stress can ensue. It is essential to provide everything possible to protect your people and get them out of your building safely. Emergency lighting testing means you’re prepared for any eventuality, and your lighting can be relied on when you need it most.

For most businesses, we offer an annual duration test to check that everything is working correctly and you’re protected. We will also assess the quality and suitability of your installation, survey your systems and consider how your emergency lighting could be better or more effectively used to offer maximum protection for your people.

Why it’s important

Emergency lighting isn’t always something that businesses will consider as important. But, without being able to safely evacuate a building, you’re putting your people at risk. It’s vital that these systems are installed, working and effectively utilised.

Pattco offers an on-site test of your emergency lighting systems and ensures you’ll benefit from a minimum of 3 hours of backup light if the power goes out in an emergency.

At the end of our testing, you’ll receive a certificate that showcases the safety of your buildings, but also provides observations and recommendations for changes, should they be required.

Fire alarm testing

During this process, we can also provide fire alarm testing for commercial properties. It’s common to find poorly maintained fire alarm systems in commercial buildings, but a damaged or broken system can severely impact the safety of your building.

Our team of experienced professionals undertake tests to check your system detects and sounds as expected, but also ensures the most effective placement of your fire alarm systems across your site.

Why choose Pattco?

Emergency lighting testing requires experience and understanding. With decades of experience in protecting buildings and the people they house, our team are committed to only providing the most thorough testing and the best, proactive advice to keeping you safe.

We honour our prices and deliver what we say we will deliver. So, there are no unexpected surprises – just great, reliable service. This is one of the reasons we’ve built an extensive portfolio of customers across the UK.

We aren’t just about testing. If we believe you can improve your electrical systems and offer better protection, we will offer our support in helping you understand and achieve it.

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Why are emergency lighting and fire alarm system testing so important?

Protecting your people is a priority. Emergency lighting and fire alarm system testing are essential to ensure compliance with safety regulations, facilitate safe evacuations, and maintain operational integrity during emergencies.

How do you conduct emergency lighting and fire alarm system testing?

Our comprehensive testing procedures involve rigorous checks on emergency lighting and fire alarm systems to ensure proper functionality during simulated emergencies and fire drills in commercial settings.

Does my business require emergency lighting and fire alarm system testing?

Regular testing is essential to comply with safety regulations and ensure occupant safety in commercial premises during emergencies. Our team can inform you about specific legislation for your industry and premises.

What is the cost of emergency lighting and fire alarm system testing for commercial entities?

The cost varies depending on system complexity and size. Contact us for a customised quote matching your commercial requirements.

How will the emergency lighting and fire alarm system testing affect the daily operation of my business?

We plan tests to minimise disruption to your daily operations, scheduling them at convenient times to reduce impact on business activities.

Can you help with problems you find?

Absolutely. We offer installation and remedial work for any problems we encounter during our testing. We don’t just test – it’s our priority to find out the best way to protect your building and the people inside it. You will receive a no-obligation quote from our team after they’ve undertaken your testing.

Which commercial sectors do you offer emergency lighting and fire alarm system testing for?

We specialise in providing testing services across diverse commercial sectors, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and industry standards. To find out if we can help you, give us a call.

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