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Commercial Electrical Testing

Protecting your people, property and business is integral. Whilst commercial electrical testing may not feel like a priority, it’s important that businesses engage regularly with an expert they can trust.

When regularly checked and maintained, your electrical systems should correctly function and there be no risk to your safety. We give business owners clarity on problems, roadmaps to solutions and peace of mind that they’re compliant and protected.

Commercial Electrical Testing explained

Commercial electrical testing covers a lot of technical testing that keeps business premises safe across the UK. The team at Pattco are qualified to undertake multiple commercial electrical testing services, for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Most commonly, commercial electrical testing will include EICRs, PAT testing and emergency lighting testing. After your tests are completed, our team are on hand to complete installation and remedial work that gets you protection fast and ensures compliance with legal regulations for your industry.

Photo of an electrical tester used in commercial properties.

Why is commercial electrical testing important?

Electrical fittings and appliances might not seem like a risk – but if they’re not properly looked after, they can cause big problems. By regularly testing, you can prevent the risk of fire, damage to buildings and associated loss of life. It is often required by insurance and will need to be conducted to ensure compliance with contracts and specific laws, including the Electricity at Work Act and ISO 9001.

Prevention is always better (and more affordable) than the cure. Preventative maintenance with commercial electrical testing allows you to find a problem before it happens, and rest easy knowing you’re protected. At the end of our testing, you may be presented with a certificate that shows you’re compliant with UK regulations and offers advice on potential remedial work to increase the safety of your electrical equipment.

0ur electrical testing services

Our services give you security. By PAT testing all electrical equipment and fittings, we can ensure it’s not only safe but the right choice for your building and requirements. And regular commercial EICRs can keep businesses and people safe from the risk of damage and degradation to electrical equipment.

Above all, commercial electrical testing gives property managers and facilities managers peace of mind that they’re proactively protecting their properties and the people associated with them.


We provide expert Electrical Installation Condition Reporting and use the latest technology to ensure the safety of your property and compliance with Electricity at Work regulations and BS 7671.

Photo of a commercial EICR test engineer.

PAT Testing

We provide expert portable appliance testing (PAT) and use the latest technology to ensure the safety of your property and compliance with Electricity at Work regulations.

Photo of a group of electrical plugs, all have been PAT tested, with stickers on them.

Emergency Lighting Testing and Fire Alarm System Testing

Our emergency lighting testing ensures your team have a guiding light to aid them, should an emergency ever occur.  We also provide regular testing for fire safety systems.

Photo of an emergency lighting sign after it was tested.

Installation and Remedial

If you have any issues raised following testing, a solution is required. Our team can provide installation and remedial works using their existing knowledge of your infrastructure.

Interior of an office after remedial work.

Commercial Electrical Testing for:

  • Commercial
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Industrial
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors Surgeries 
  • Dental Surgeries
  • Care Homes
  • Serviced Living
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities


What is required by the law?

This will depend on your industry, but there are many variations in regulations that may impact your business. To find out how you can ensure compliance, we recommend talking to our team. They can create an action plan to undertake testing as soon as possible.

Do all electrical fittings need certification?

Yes. It is vital that all electrical fittings and appliances within your portfolio are tested to guarantee their safety and minimise the risk of unexpected problems.

How often should a commercial building be electrically tested?

This depends. There are many variations in regulations that may impact your business and determine how often you need testing. To find out how you can ensure compliance, we recommend talking to our team.

What types of electrical compliance certifications do you provide?

We offer various certifications including PAT testing certificates, EICRs, emergency lighting certificates and much more. If you have a problem we haven’t listed, give our team a call.

How frequently should I renew my electrical compliance certifications?

Certification renewal frequencies vary based on the type of compliance. Our experts can advise on renewal schedules specific to your business needs and the regulations surrounding your premises.

Can you assist in maintaining compliance with changing electrical safety regulations?

Our team stays updated with ever-changing regulations, guiding your business to maintain compliance and ensuring electrical safety practices align with current standards.

What steps should my business take to prepare for an upcoming electrical compliance inspection?

We prepare your business with preventative support and testing. Pattco offers preparatory advice and services tailored to your business needs, ensuring smooth and successful compliance inspections without disruptions.

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